Delaware Half Hulls

We decided to take a break from documentation and get back to basics of boatbuilding. We asked participants to create half hulls of the tug Delaware. Traditionally half hull models were used to refine a particular hull shape which then was used to loft the lines in construction. These three dimensional designs were also used by the builders to show potential customers.

Since we have already have a set of offsets for Delaware we scaled these down to create our hulls. There are various ways to create a half hull; in the “block model” the hull is carved out of a single piece of wood where in the “lift model” the hull is carved out of various layers of wood at various dimensions which are then stuck together. For our application we used the block model.


From our hull templates we recreated the station lines on all sides of the material. Using our profile and half breadth templates participants traced these views onto the side and top of our hull material.

Jennifer KuhnComment