Delaware Progress

When Delaware is lifted off the railway and placed in her permanent space for the restoration, there will be a great deal of stress on the hull. Last week we were working on reinforcement framing in Delaware’s hull to ensure that when the straps pick her up with the crane, the hull does not change shape under the pressure. Since many of her frames are no longer attached to the keel, this was even more necessary to ensure that the keel does not get pushed up, and the sheer doesn’t get forced inboard.

We picked a few places within the hull to add framing, scribed to the inside of the hull and fastened our frames to the planking from the outside. With the lateral bracing athwartship and the diagonals all gusseted together with plywood, we stiffened Delaware’s shape at critical points so she will not move at all when moved.


The move is the next step in the process for her. We are very excited to get Delaware off the railway and settled so that we can then build the covered workspace over her. Once she is moved, we will build the covered workspace where the entire restoration will take place.


The snow and freezing wind chill last week made outside millwork difficult but we began milling the white oak lumber for Delaware’s covered workspace. Today we finished with that process. Using the forklift to move the lumber around and the wood-mizer mill to rip the lumber to the desired dimensions.

- Moses Dane

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