Finishing Pot Pie

Coming back from the Holiday we began wrapping up the work on Pot Pie. We gave her a fresh coat of bottom paint and got her new rub rails painted. The last thing to do was to paint the topsides and the deck.

The “topsides” is the hull above the water line, which we were painting white semi-gloss. The deck, we were painting white flat, with added aggregate for non-skid functionality.

Today we got the final coat on the deck, out of two total top coats.

We also got the final coat put on the topsides, which was the second of the two top coats.


The last thing to do will be touch up bottom paint along the waterline once all the tape is removed.

She came out great and looking like a brand new boat. Pot Pie will be back in the water with the rest of the floating fleet soon!

- Moses Dane

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