Progress on Pot Pie

Once all paint was stripped from Pot Pie’s decks, we continued by filling low points and seams with bondo, and filled all the old cap rail fastener holes with sweetnails. Sweetnail is a term for a dowel or small piece of wood used as a hole filler. I made these with loblolly pine, cutting a bunch of long sticks on the bandsaw roughly 1/4" square.

I use a low angle block plane to shape the end to fit it into a fastener hole. Then I cut the rough length off and then set it in wood glue with a few taps of my mallet. I repeat this process with the sticks I've cut until all holes are filled. After the glue sets. The sweetnails can be cut flush to the deck.


As I was working on this, Stevo was going over the deck with bondo, filling any checks, seams, and low spots and gauges.


Zach was making progress on the bow repairs. He was using a slick to smooth out the large scarf joint to seat the new planking on.


- Moses Dane

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