Pot Pie Repairs

Pot Pie is hauled out and currently in the shop so while it poured rain outside all morning, we were nice and dry inside the shop beginning a few projects on the skiff.

We are replacing both the port and starboard cap rail as well as some planking on her bow.

I was working on the cap rail replacement. Using various awl-like tools, the bungs I delicately removed the bungs from each counterbored fastener hole. In this case, since we are replacing the entire piece, it was not critical to avoid tear out on the cap rails while removing the bungs. However, it is good practice to do this carefully because sometimes bungs are epoxied in place which makes their removal quite a difficult and time consuming task. Most builders will recommend leaving epoxy out of the bunging process. Most of the bungs on Pot Pie’s cap rails had epoxy beneath them above the fastener head, but luckily not on the perimeter of the counterbores.


Once the bungs were removed and all fasteners unscrewed, the old cap rails came off without much of a fight.


I anticipate this project will be the bulk of this week’s work.

- Moses Dane

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