It's All Happening

Brother, has it been a minute since we checked in; would you believe we’ve been busy working?

It feels like some time ago now, but with our cedar strips completely covering the logs, we flipped the hull over and dropped on all of the mahogany we had previously milled over the cedar top planking. With the outer skin finished, we installed some interior shelves up forward for extra storage and constructed the centerboard box. The centerboard trunk was made from laminated ply wood with two inches let into the center log and a king and queen post at either end that half lap over the centerboard slot and cover all of the exposed end grain of the center log.

Once the centerboard trunk was installed and a couple more deck supports were added, we went about laying on the marine ply decking. Before the decks got installed and trimmed down, we attached the stem post that covers all of the end grain at the bow of the hull, but most importantly just makes it look really fast.


Which brings us to today. After fairing the deck yesterday, we prepped the surface and fiber-glassed the decks this morning. Then just like that, Caroline’s leader completed his last bit of work on her. Our very own Michael Gorman has left his post as shipyard manager for a position at the maritime park in San Francisco. He is already sorely missed by all in the shipyard and he only walked out the door five minutes ago. Alas, we wish him fair winds as embarks for the Pacific and we can only hope that San Francisco is ready.

As for the work that we are responsible for, Caroline is getting near wrapped up. With an extra hand from some fellas in the yard, we will fair the mahogany skin and flip the hull one last time to put a thin layer of glass on the bottom of the hull to protect the cedar strip. Other than that, it is all punch list before the owner takes the hull to be painted and then it will be time to install the deck hardware.


Cole MeyerhoffComment