If a Canoe is Built in a Corn Crib, Does it Make a Sound?

Spring is in the air and this canoe is inching towards the door a little more each day. After large portions of the hull took weeks to complete, it feels almost too hurried to make and install pieces over the course of a couple days.


Yesterday we installed bulkhead reinforcement posts in front of each mast step; which in the bow included a king plank spanning two of the forward bulkheads to serve as backing for the bowsprit. Near the stern we also added a couple of backing pieces that will reinforce our attachment of the outrigger. Once we dropped these pieces in, we began to prep the interior of the hull for a coat of epoxy which we are going to complete before we flip the hull to work on the underside.

This morning we milled mahogany to laminate into a couple of frames to tie in the mast steps with the mast partners. With those glued up we spent the rest of the day constructing and fitting our mast steps as well as giving a couple of our water tight compartments an initial coat of epoxy. By the end of the week we are looking to have our mast steps installed, hull interior coated and the canoe pulled out of the crib on a trailer and flipped in preparation for fairing the exterior.


Cole MeyerhoffComment