Slingshot Engaged

Another day, another heavy dollop of g-flex. This morning saw the installation of our forward mast partner blocking which completes the structural portion for both mast partners. All that’s left now will be to add some hardwood blocking to brace against the mast and then install the mast step assemblies down in the hull.


Just like with the large side panels, we tabbed out the shelf portions of the water tight bulkheads with door skin and then transferred those lines to our marine grade ply before cutting them out and dry fitting each one. We wet out the underside of each piece of ply, the inside areas of the hull that would be covered and all of the gluing surfaces with traditional epoxy before mixing up some flex. Then it was all fillets and more fillets. These shelf areas are where the ends of the spring boards will go underneath the decks. Although the boards should never make contact with the ply with the aluminum frame that will protect the interior of the hull, we still wanted to make these areas as strong as possible.



Cole MeyerhoffComment