This One's For All the Purists

Man, it’s looking like NASA hired a couple of barrel makers to build a boat. I’ll tell you, it’s not easy to disguise a spaceship to look like a log canoe, but we’re doing our best.


This week we patterned out the side panels that go between the interior of the hull and the underside of the decks. These pieces make up the vertical faces of the below deck water-tight compartments and will be capped by individual shelves and the decking. At the end of this process, each compartment will get an inspection port that will allow for access to the interior of the hull and airflow when she is not in the water.


With epoxy flowing like a fondue fountain we have now glued in both of these side panels. G-Flex has still been our go-to glue, but this portion of construction has also called for fillets where all the plywood panels meet each other and the interior of the hull, for which we have used standard epoxy with adhesive filler.


The blocking to support the aft mast partners is also glued in place and the forward blocks will be in tomorrow. Looking at the hull, it does feel like a bit of a shame to be covering up all of the beautiful wood on the interior. But, in building something entirely wild and new there is an excitement in the unknown and everyone here is definitely excited to see what the finished product is going to look like.


Cole MeyerhoffComment