Just a Couple of Guys Strippin in a Corn Crib

You heard me. For two days. I mean, it’s pretty repetitive work, but someone has to do it. Really, it would have been better with a third; just someone to mix up glue and spread it, but once we got into a good rhythm with the same copy of Uprising on repeat, there was no stopping us.


With a third of the hull strip planked yesterday, we finished the port side this morning and then moved onto the starboard side. With one more day we will have the log portion of the hull covered and then we will sand the cedar fair and smooth before adding the mahogany strip on the topsides to protect our riser planks from damage at the dock and while towing out to the racecourse. Lastly we will fair the mahogany strips before flipping the hull back over and finishing the decks and interior of the hull.



Cole MeyerhoffComment