If You Ain't First, You're Last

Ricky Bobby also said, “Ain’t no canoe, like this five log canoe.” And boy was he right. We had a day in the corn crib yesterday. With our grooves routed and our carbon cut to length on Monday, we got right to it on Tuesday and dropped the carbon tow in place before lunch.


We wet out all of the grooves and soaked a bundle of carbon at a time before laying it into each routed channel. The shorter sections could be done by one person at a time, but the larger ones required one person on either side of the boat to lay a bundle. Each bundle consisted of four strands of carbon and they were just placed in each groove with no tension to speak of.


Once all of the carbon was laid in place, we waited a little while for the epoxy to begin to kick and tack up before spreading epoxy mixed with some adhesive filler over the slight groove left on top of the carbon.


With epoxy curing for the rest of the afternoon, we began work on the centerboard trunk that will be installed when the hull is flipped back over. Like the interior hull structure, this is being built from more marine grade plywood and will have a solid wood post fore and aft for reinforcement. Today we were back on the sanding train, prepping for our cedar skin and final fairing surface which will take the rest of the week to install and fair and then it will be time to flip again.



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