She was Practiced at the Art of Reduction

Here we are, another day in this corn crib on spaceship Earth, making big logs a little smaller. Today we continued sanding out some imperfections in the hull and routed out all of the grooves needed to lay in our carbon fiber.

Traditionally, canoes were pinned together with steel drifts; or solid rods. In the interest of the hull’s longevity and in keeping step with modern materials; instead of drilling holes and hammering in pins that would rust and cause rot, we have cut grooves that will be filled with carbon fiber and epoxy. By spanning the log seams every sixteen inches we are supplementing for the pin schedule and helping to secure the integrity of the hull.

With all of the carbon cut to length, tomorrow we will be installing it and sealing up the grooves for good before some final fairing prior to applying the cedar skin over the outside of the hull.



Cole MeyerhoffComment