The Way I Turn the Canoe Over You Should Call Me Flipper

I’m the boss on this canoe, you can call me skipper. The lord’s blessings leave me lyrically inclined; but by 50 Cent lyrics I am not defined.

With sun peering into the corn crib this morning, we pulled out the blocking from the sides of the canoe and cleaned up in preparation for our second to last flip. We couldn’t help ourselves giving the canoe some solid rocking back and forth, which of course only made us want to put it in the water more. Don’t worry, we didn’t, instead we rounded up hands from the yard and other unlucky passerby to get the canoe sunny side up.

After a quick shimmy, lift and one more shimmy we rolled the canoe on blocking at her mast partners pretty easily. We’ve got most of the yard booked Monday to help long-board the hull and get her looking real fast before we cover her in cedar. This afternoon we spread a nice, fluffing, two part filler over all of the low spots that will sand down nicely and make sure that the hull is perfectly fair.


Cole MeyerhoffComment