Fillet the World Baby

With more epoxy than you could shake a canoe at, or maybe more canoe than we could shake epoxy at; either way we had our hands full this afternoon. This morning we got to have a nice change of pace from our adventures in plywood and finished fitting the bases for the mast steps.

On completion of the hull, the owner plans to have metal fittings for the base of each mast to affix to that will sit on top of the mahogany blocking. The blocks and laminated frames are primary bonded in place with g flex and are complimented with some fat fillets of g flex with fillet blend powder. Once all of these pieces were glued in place, we went about wetting out the rest of the hull. The owner has planned to coat the entire hull with epoxy, so we are throwing it down on the inside before dragging the hull out tomorrow and flipping it over. Once the hull is upside down, we will work on a final fairing of the hull before cedar stripping the exterior.


Cole MeyerhoffComment