Double Dutch-men

With the interior of our hull pretty well finished out, what better time to take some chunks out of it? Unsightly as chiseled out holes might look, they are a necessary step for a sound and complete hull. Today we took the time to address some portions of sap wood that we had been waiting for an opportunity to get to.


Yesterday we trimmed up the stems at the bow and stern and then fit in our sheer clamps. These full length planks run along the interior of the sheer and serve as an extra bit of strength and gluing surface for the underside of the deck as well as the interior frames.


Taking a slight reprieve from the quite brisk air whipping around every opening of the corn crib today, we completed a wood order that will see us through the completion of the hull. With wood arriving on Monday to begin building our interior frames, we will spend the rest of the week finishing out the inside of the hull.



Cole MeyerhoffComment