Even a Blind Squirrel.... Can Find a Lead Slug in a Log

Ah, that moment when one starts to wonder what that shiny looking thing is in the wood that they were just going over with the power plane. It’s always something. Digging at the screw head delicately and trying to disturb the surrounding wood as little as possible, it began to turn, but easily squeezed out of the vise grips. One more twist and suspicions were confirmed, instead of a screw, out popped a bullet. The wood had grown around it entirely and there was no evidence of its entry into the side of the hull. This little slug had remained undisturbed for decades and all of a sudden here it was.


On an equally exciting note, we commandeered the paint room today and glued up all of our laminated frames and bulkheads. Just like that, the bulk of the interior structure is complete and will be ready to install in the hull tomorrow. Once our bulkheads and frames are in place, we will then work on installing the remaining interior structure that will form our watertight sections of sub-deck structure. After that, we will be onto the centerboard box construction before flipping the hull to finish the exterior.



Cole MeyerhoffComment