Someone Call the Finishing Crew

Well, according to upper management we are the finishing crew. Quite a bit of activity has gone on in the corn crib since we last spoke. The sheer clamps are permanently clamped and the interior of the hull has undergone thorough fairings to reveal the final shape of our logs.

Caroline is now entering the next phase of her life as a log canoe. At this moment all of the logs and sheer planks are in plain sight and the true nature of her namesake is apparent. Along the seams, each log can be seen gently swooping upwards in the bow and stern, creating a shape that begs to dance through the water. As one looks from the center line out to the sides her belly rounds smoothly, waiting for the perfect heel to cut through the waves and surely induce a bellow from the skipper as boardmen flatten her out just in time.

This moment is fleeting though as her bilge is filling with structure to support the masts and deck and her hollow form is getting smaller and smaller. We have cut out all of the bulkheads, mast partners and baffles and have most recently been working on cutting out the pairs of ring frames that will be glued in place to reinforce all of the bulkheads.

Aft of the main mast and forward of the fore are two water tight bulkheads and underneath the decks along either side of the hull are two more water tight compartments. The owner and designer have planned these portions of the hull so that if……when… the canoe capsizes there will be more buoyancy and less water to bail out. In theory the canoe will be easy to right this way and may even be able to re-enter a race after what would otherwise be a day ending de-rigging. It is shaping up to be a wild rig and we are excited to see it come together.


Cole MeyerhoffComment