Quick, No One is Looking, Cut a Hole in the Boat

Apologies all, but some minor technical difficulties have delayed the updates this week. Nothing however, has delayed this ol canoe.

The power planes sang and the thuds of adzes resonated throughout the cavernous hull of the canoe like an enormous drum. Wednesday, we hollowed further at the bow and stern of the center log, shaping the interior to its final thickness and getting rid of more excess wood. We also took advantage of a power outage to give the tools a rest and lay out the centerboard slot and material to be removed from the chunk we had left in the center log.


With our center log thoroughly marked, we checked and double checked measurements yesterday morning and dug in. We cut kerfs with the skilsaw before dubbing out the chunks with adzes and finished it all off with a good ol power planing. Although not necessary, we left a portion of the center log chunk where the mainmast step will be, in case we decide later that we would like to have some extra support. With material removed fore and aft of where the centerboard will go, the only thing left to do was cut a really big hole in the boat.

Starting with the big skilsaw, we kerfed lines before graduating to the timber framing saw(really big skilsaw) and then removed the last bit with the sawzall. Nothing like working for months on something and then cutting a giant hole in it, but we couldn’t be happier to do it. We wrapped up the week with a thorough fairing of the hull today, sanding away our happy little power plane marks and remnants of adze work. With the hull looking faster than ever, next week we will begin work on constructing our centerboard trunk and laying out the interior structure.



Cole MeyerhoffComment