The Sheer is Taking Shape

Today we milled up a few pieces for dutchmen that we let in to the top edges of the chine. Using our temporary frames and some smaller blocks for bracing on the interior of the hull we bent strips around the port side in order to build up the hull to the proper height before working on our sheer planking. Once we had our pieces glued together, we clamped and screwed them in place to match the curve of the hull.


This afternoon we worked on removing more of the excess material in the bow and stern where the center log was still pretty thick. We also laid out where we will install our bow and stern posts that will receive the ends of the cedar sheer planking. These stems will be made from some laminated fir that we have curing as we speak and tomorrow we will work on fitting those and laying out battens on the chine to ensure that both sides are symmetrical.



Cole MeyerhoffComment