Rollin into Monday like a Log Canoe


After a weekend spent dreaming of how fast our canoe was looking; this morning we made it even faster. We finished a last bit of fairing with the power planes up in the bow and then prepared to flip the hull over. With a few extra hands from the yard, we lifted up the ends of the hull onto blocking so that we had enough clearance to roll the hull. It just took a little shimmying to get the hull against the side of the corn crib and then we had enough room to roll it over.


For the first time, we got to lay eyes on our completed log hull and it looks fast. With the hull right-side up we made sure it was level and then planed down the patches that we had glued in last week. Our next step in the project is to work on the sheer planking that will complete the hull sides. From the chine that is above the waterline, to the sheer (outer edge of the hull) we are going glue strips of cedar which will be lightweight and perfect for strong glue adhesion.


Cole MeyerhoffComment