Sheer Was a Busy Week

Phew, she is shaping up well. After two solid days of planking at the beginning of the week, we focused on tuning the flare in the bow and fairing to connect the lines of our log hull with our topsides. By measuring widths and deadrise throughout the bow, we checked that our planking was flaring out like it needed to. Deadrise is the measure of plumb fall from the sheer to the side of the hull and a common name for bay-built workboats, referring to the sharp rise of their hull sides in the bow.


Yesterday we added a couple of extra frames to maintain our bow shape and bent on our two thinnest planks which completed our sheer height for the most of the hull. This morning, after some careful measuring, we cut our last two sheer planks to install in the bow and then glued them in place.


With the sheer complete we gathered friends from throughout the yard to pickup and lower each end of the hull to make it easier to work on shaping the rest of the interior and laying out the centerboard slot and trunk next week.



Cole MeyerhoffComment