Whittling Down the Port Side

On this blustery Wednesday morning we attended to some much needed tool maintenance. Our beloved power planes that have carried us through the shaping of Caroline needed a bit of a tune up. So with the tools unplugged, of course, we took out the four bolts holding down the blade cover and then the two set-screws holding the clamp over the base of the blade. Next, with the blade affixed to a wooden jig we put a fresh edge on each one using a stone on the bench grinder.


Once both of the two blades for each planer were freshly tuned, we got to shaping. Starting with station five, we used our molds to plane down the exterior of the log until the form matched that of the mold. We also planed down all of the rough surface left from yesterday’s kerfing, so tomorrow we will start right in on our shaping and hope to finish the port wing and garboard by the end of the day.



Cole MeyerhoffComment