Ain't Nothing But a G-Flex Thing

The West System was flowing thick in the corn crib today. With a little touch up from the power plane on our fourth and final dutchman this morning, we broke out the heater to help get things up to temperature. Our pieces had spent the night drying out in the climate controlled paint room and were ready for a healthy dose of G Flex.


West System’s G Flex has been our go-to epoxy for the canoe construction. It is extremely strong, has a great working time and cures to a slightly flexible consistency. Traditional West and other epoxies cure to a hard state, which is fine, but is not as pleasant of a material to work with for fairing and shaping once the pieces are together. G Flex does not chip and break apart after curing and is pretty smooth when chiseling or planing away excess material. The flexibility is also seen as an advantage in certain scenarios for allowing the joined pieces to have just the slightest bit of flex, which is exactly what we want for a hull that will be undergoing the torque and forces of an overpowered and counterbalanced rig, as opposed to fighting these forces with a harder consistency epoxy.


With cured epoxy tomorrow we will begin working on fairing the hull and getting rid of the remaining high spots. Most of the excess material is up in the bow of the canoe and we are excited to see the hull closer to its finished shape.



Cole MeyerhoffComment