This Ain't No Smith Island Skiff

With a boatload of frames, curved and fair and a hull with far too many right angles, there was only one path to take today. With our full-size body plans laid on the floor of the corn crib, we took measurements from the chine and log seams that gave us the greatest extent of the curve of the hull at each station.


With these measurements transferred to the hull, we connected points between stations in order to give ourselves lines that we could cut straight between. Next came a healthy dose of chainsaw kerfing and enough axe swinging to make one loose a few layers. Our objective was to get some of the bigger pieces of material away from the logs as efficiently as possible and now that we can align our molds closer to the hull we will begin to remove material more carefully.


This phase of shaping is only focused on the starboard side of the center-line of the hull. When we finish this half next week, we will lay the hull down, detach the two starboard logs and reattach the port logs to the center log before flipping it back on it’s side.



Cole MeyerhoffComment