Four Dutchmen Walk into a Corn Crib

This morning we finished milling the pieces of pine that we are using to cap the ends of the garboard logs and tie together the ends of the hull together. With the four dutchmen cut out, we angled the ends so that they would lock into the hull when pushed inwards.


I made a jig for the skilsaw that let us run the saw, following the existing edge of the hull, at a specific depth. With the wing and garboard, the saw went right through, but the center log still has a big chunk of material at both ends and it took some creative kerfing to get enough material out to start fitting the dutchmen.


Tomorrow we will get all of our pieces glued in and with a drop in temperatures for the rest of the week, we will tarp over the hull again and put the electric heater underneath to make sure we are at a proper curing temperature.


Cole Meyerhoff2 Comments