Glue Baby Glue

Energy levels were nothing short of electric this morning, even decaf was too much for us to handle. But, we managed to stick to the plan and follow the rest of our pre-glue checklist and by lunchtime all we had to do was take a few deep breaths and throw on some gloves.


This afternoon was an all hands on deck event. With a couple of guys working heat guns to warm the wood, as to help absorb the glue as it cooled, a couple more followed behind with epoxy. In just a two hours we had Caroline together and now all we have to do is wait. Tomorrow we will throw on a couple of heaters to help with the curing and then on Monday we will pull the ratchet straps off and throw her in the water. Just kidding! We can’t do that yet, but boy are we excited.



Cole MeyerhoffComment