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By this time tomorrow our logs will be forever joined; epoxy will be curing, rubber gloves will be peeled off and Caroline will be completing another step in her journey. In preparation for gluing tomorrow we epoxy’d in the last patch to replace some sap wood on the starboard garboard log and carefully went over our log seams. With the logs skinnier than ever and the cold, dry air whipping around them; they are drying out rapidly.


The starboard garboard log was the roughest cut to come off of the saw mill. With just a slightly dull blade, the saw will wander as it moves through more dense sections of the log; such as where knots are located. Therefore, the seams of the starboard wing and garboard logs needed some addressing. We marked the high spots where the logs were making contact with each other before unbolting them and then shaved down these areas with the power and hand planes. Once the seams were tuned up it was time for a thorough pre-glue-cleaning of the corn crib. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and our only advice is to buy stock in West System, because we will go through our share tomorrow.



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