A Blistering 20 Degrees

With all five of our logs looking really, really fast and still bolted together, we drew out all of the station lines and threw index marks along the log seams. Once that was done, we felt comfortable pulling the logs apart to attend to some sap wood while still being able to line them back up when we finished. Before unbolting the port swing and garboard logs, we marked a few places to put in dutchmen, or patches. After marking off each area, we chiseled out said areas and then proceeded to make matching pieces from a better piece of wood and then join new and old with healthy doses of epoxy.


With these spots tended to, our next step is to look at the log seams themselves and smooth out any rough areas with the power planes. We want to make sure that we have smooth and tightly fitting surfaces before we go to glue the logs together. Tomorrow we are all glue prep. Before even looking at the West System, we are going to set up some ratchet straps on the hull and check how everything fits together, then come Thursday, it’s glue time.



Cole MeyerhoffComment