Blog Canoe is Blogging Again

And we’re back. Now, don’t freak out, but we have just shy of 110 days of work left on the canoe. Don’t freak out, we’re not freaking out, everyone is fine, so calm.


While our end of May deadline is starting to feel like it is right around the corner ,we feel good about our work on the canoe. We got right back into the swing of things at the yard today by detaching our port-side wing and garboard logs from the other three and with the help of some other hands in the yard we rolled the center and two starboard logs on their side. Once upright, we braced the hull in place and set it up plum so that we could begin to shape the exterior of the hull.

With the big flip done this morning, we spent the afternoon making a set of exterior molds, one for each station, that we can use to check our fairing of the outside of the hull. We did some exploratory power planing to the bottom of the hull this afternoon but with our molds made we will get into the heavy material removal tomorrow. These next couple of weeks will be all about trimming down close to our final thickness. Once the starboard side is done, we will go through the same process for the port logs.



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