Fair Enough

Some titles just write themselves. Holed up in the corn crib again today; waiting for the thaw and a clear path out of here. But, for now there’s enough canoe to keep me busy. This morning I got that power plane to burn through the last of the heavy stuff on the stern portion of the garboard log.


With planer cooling down, I got the sander fired up and took it to the hull. After a few disks of 80 grit, those logs were looking faster than ever. The port side garboard and wing log are now faired as completely as we need them to be for now. With those two smooth, fair and looking fast, I started working on the extra bracing for the interior frames in preparation for flipping the hull tomorrow. With some strips of plywood tagged to the frames and some extra hands from throughout the yard we will get the two sections flipped and blocked up level so that all of the logs will be ready for a final fairing before being being glued together.



Cole MeyerhoffComment