Head Em Off at the Pass

I hate that cliche, but with the snowfall over the weekend, it was our only hope. Luckily, I got into the nearest corn crib before the next blizzard struck. Seeing as I was bound to be trapped for at least a day, the only thing to do was work on this canoe. With a power plane and a thermos of hot coffee, the sweeping lines of canoe continued to appear from the cumbersome logs.


Our focus this week is to get the hull flipped upside down in preparation for gluing. As the fresh thaw began to run down the hillsides, I finished fairing the bow with the power plane. The wing log is now completely faired to a satisfactory degree and while I await supplies with the next caravan tomorrow, I will finish shaping the stern portion of the port garboard log. When the power planing is over, it will be time for a quick rough sanding to smooth out any imperfections in the hull. Hopefully reinforcements will be able to make the journey to the corn crib on Wednesday in order to get our hull upside down before the pass is frozen over.



Cole MeyerhoffComment