Ol Man Winter

Wind was whipping up under the corn crib something fierce today. But don’t worry brother, it’s nothing a few shovels of wood chips can’t fix and fortunately for us we have some to spare. Once the planer was warmed up, there wasn’t a safe spot on those port logs. Picking up where we finished yesterday, the bow section is now nearly completely faired. When we return on Monday we will finish the taper at bow and stern and be ready for a rough sanding.


With as much material that we have been removing from the logs, it was necessary to dedicate a portion of the day to our log alignment. When we finished shaping the exterior of the starboard logs, we lagged them back to the frames that have been crucial in maintaining the overall shape. But, in just a few days of fairing and the logs inherently drying further, they were able to begin to move. The wing log, which is the smallest of them all, needed the most attention and required a refastening with washers and wood blocks to give the lags some extra pulling power. As for the garboard log, the tips at the bow and stern were tagged into the center log with a screw and washer just for some added insurance.


Stay tuned, as next week we are hoping for a lot of action and the chance to flip the hull over and prepare for glue.


Cole MeyerhoffComment