Just Stop When You See Light Coming Through

Alright, so it isn’t getting that thin, but she’s getting close. The power planes were humming all day long, chewing through that yellow pine like they were made to do it. We finished fairing at station five in the middle of the boat and then worked in either direction from there, fairing ‘downhill’ with the curve of the hull. This way we have a little added assurance that we won’t take out too much material.


We got the rough portions of the logs smoothed down to the maximum depths that we had cut to with the chainsaw and then began fairing to our molds. With a couple stations in either direction of station five faired, we expect to finish the logs by the end of the day tomorrow. Once we are done with the planers, the last portion of this stage will be to hit the logs with some rough sanding which will take out all of the imperfections from planing.



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