An Overdue Introduction

Tuesday saw work on each of Caroline’s logs, but first, a much needed introduction. A third set of hands have been helping with the canoe for the majority of the project while in between other shipyard assignments and that is the yard’s very own, Michael Allen. Mike has been a huge asset to Caroline, which is his second log hull construction after completing the restoration of the Edna Lockwood.


Today we continued to shape the inside of the starboard garboard log and completed fairing the port side garboard seam. The starboard garboard log has undergone cycles of chainsaw kerfing followed with adze work and is nearly ready for final fairing with the planer. Now that the port garboard seam is smooth, the port garboard log will undergo the same cycles to remove material.


We laid out our mylar plans on the wing logs to transfer points and established their orientation so that we can have at them with the chainsaw. Once the wings are trimmed down, we will bring them inside of the corn crib and begin to piece together the last pieces of the log portion of our hull.



Cole MeyerhoffComment