Monday Sending

When you spend all Friday measuring and tracing, there’s only one thing that can happen on Monday; sending. Just as the sun’s rays began to share some warmth, the chainsaw was roaring in the corn crib and woodchips were flying. With the saw tuned up, we tore into the ends of the garboards, cutting to our top view of the chine. In just a couple of passes, we had the bow and stern shaped.


Next, we moved onto planing down the seams where the garboard logs meet the center to clean up any marks and wavers from the sawmill and to give ourselves optimal gluing surfaces. With smooth seams, we began cutting kerfs into the starboard garboard log in order to start establishing the shape of the hull. With kerfs cut, so began the dubbing and after a couple of days of adze work we hope to have our garboards shaped.


Cole MeyerhoffComment