And to all a Good Night

As the fog closed in around the yard this morning, we finished fitting our last couple of frames and fastening them to the hull. Adzes broke through the chill in the air and soon enough we were warm, carefully working away at the inside of the hull between the stations where we fitted our frames. There is still more material to remove, but we will wait until we have made more station templates before doing so, so that we may shape the interior accurately.


The hull is ready to be flipped and we will ring in the new year by doing so when we return to work. For the next week the canoe will sit and await the flurry of work that it will see over the final few months of its construction. We too will be waiting and thinking of these next months and the changes that this canoe has yet to see. The canoe is near halfway through her journey to the water and these final months are going to be filled with some exciting work and even some exciting blog posts.


From the family of fellas here at the yard, we want to wish all a Merry Christmas, the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year filled with joy and boats. Travel safely, eat well and enjoy time with friends and family.



Cole MeyerhoffComment