Frame Fitting Continued

Like archaeologists digging for ancient bones, we find ourselves dubbing away at the inside of the hull; brushing away chips and using cellphone flash lights to check for light between seams while we excavate a historic craft from these logs. The work is tedious as each frame slowly drops into place as we shave away at the hull where it will rest. At times it feels like a pile of shavings is all that we will have left, as the final thickness of the logs begins to appear.


Nearly all of our frames are flush with the hull and we expect to finish fitting tomorrow. With our frames complete, we will fasten them to the inside of the hull and then build more bracing between them before flipping the hull over. With the canoe upside down, we will then shape the exterior of the hull before gluing, which we expect to do shortly after the new year.



Cole MeyerhoffComment