Letting the Chips Fly

This week is all about the frames. This morning we added bevels to the outside edge of each of the molds that we made last week. The molds at station five, in the middle of the boat, do not experience enough taper fore or aft for it to be necessary to bevel the edges. Those at stations three and seven do however and in order for them to fit properly inside the hull of the boat we needed to transfer angles from each seam to the molds.


With our edges planed down, it was time to fit them to the hull. This approach is slightly different than more conventional boat building, as the frames to form the hull would be built first in other scenarios. But, log canoes are by nature, the art of reduction and this is just another step in trimming down our hull.


With adzes and planes we started taking each log from flat across, to slightly convex between each of the log seams. Process is moving a little more carefully through this portion of the project, as the further we go, the less material there is to make up for any mistake. We also know after last Friday that our overall dimensions are pretty spot-on and we aren’t looking to change that shape.


Cole MeyerhoffComment