All Ahead Full

Steam was rolling from every seam in the corn crib. The chill of December was a thing of the past as every exhaled breath rolled as thick as smoke. Like bison huddled around their young, the fellas encircled their logs, coaxing them into a canoe.


The chips flew heavy today. Once we had faired our wing log seams, it was time to scribe seam lines and kerf with the chainsaw. After a slew of cuts we got to knocking out chunks with axe and adze, shedding layers and almost remembering what it was like to work in the heat. Then with some quick work with the planer we had smoothed the interior of each wing and the layers went back on as the cold crept back in.


As you can see we have strategically left some chunks on the inside of each wing in order to help brace our logs when we go to glue them together. Next it will be time for some final fairing and then we will be onto shaping the outside of each log.



Cole MeyerhoffComment