Starboard Side Garboard Log Aye

And what a brisk Thursday of log canoeing it was. Today saw more of the same process as yesterday, but this time we transferred lines from the center log onto the starboard side garboard log. In this instance, measuring twice before cutting can also mean measuring many times before tracing any lines. With so much material removed from the center log, it has the ability to flex quite a bit and we therefore have to check any time that we move it that it is set up in the correct orientation before proceeding.


With a couple extra hands we also got right into shaping the port side garboard log that was laid out yesterday. This meant setting up the log level on the mill and making a square cut along the base before transferring lines to the other side of the log. With both sides marked we were ready to make kerfs with the chainsaw before dubbing away with axe and adze.


Our next step will be to continue shaping both of the garboard logs. We have put a lot of effort into checking that we can remove the excess material in such a way that we will be able to use it for the remaining two wing logs to complete the log portion of the hull.


Cole MeyerhoffComment