A Good Day for Ducks

Tuesday. More rain. Alas, spirits are high. Through the dreadful wind and rain we dove right in this morning; transferring lines to our newly added section in the stern and cutting a piece of excess garboard log to build up the bow. This slab is drying inside for a day or two before gluing, while we continued work on shaping the rest of the stern.


Most of the shaping to this point has been to maximum depths to establish square surfaces, but now we are shaping the log from where lines are drawn, to their projected points. The center line for instance, disappears from the side of the log where it is drawn as material is removed, to then reappear in its intended location on the material remaining in the middle of the log.


We again cut kerfs with the skilsaw and removed material with an adze before a final planing that brought us to our chine. With this surface established, we plotted the overhead view of the stern to begin cutting to her final shape.

Two chainsaw slices later and one end looks more like a boat. This end will need further fairing, but we will wait until the other section is glued at the bow end so we will only flip the log once to work on shaping the hull from the bottom.


Cole MeyerhoffComment