(Slight) Rain Delay

Although Monday morning arrived with high hopes of log canoeing, it also came with the predicted weather. Ironically, this will not be the last time throughout her career that conditions will dictate the future of this canoe. Since our next step is to epoxy a piece onto the top of the bow where we cut away sap wood on Friday, we need to wait for a dry day. With little to do with the logs today, we worked on other shop maintenance which included some welding repair on the crane. On the bright side, with the bow section covered from the elements, and extra day of drying will only help our epoxy adhesion. Once we get past this portion of the build, where we are using the sawmill to remove large sections, we will move the logs underneath the roof of the corn crib on CBMM’s campus where we will glue the logs together, complete the final shaping and be protected from the winter weather.


Our first bit of epoxying turned out well. We gave both surfaces to be glued a light roast with the heat gun to help draw the epoxy into the wood as it cooled. Once both surfaces were covered, we laid them together with clamps and a couple blocks to hold everything in place. Lastly we checked the glue seam to see that excess was squeezing out all around, which tells us that our seam has ample epoxy. With this stern blocking complete, we will next cut a portion for the bow from our leftover stock and do a little more gluing before we can start transferring lines to the garboard logs.


Cole MeyerhoffComment