Big Day for Lofting

This morning we jumped into the corn crib with open arms and what a Friday it was. After some log shuffling back and forth and then some more shuffling back and forth, we had our center and garboards lined up well. Our next move was to block up the ends of the logs to match our reference line and then brought up the center of each one as necessary to make them level. Again, with some blocking back and forth and then some more blocking back and forth, we had our lines where we needed them.


With the lofting wheels turning, we went after our top views of the bow and stern. Using our center line, buttock lines and stations we lofted the necessary points to plot our curves. This was the first time that we had such a complete layout of the boat sitting in front of us and the fellas all throughout the yard were as thrilled as we were.


It took a significant amount of self control to not cut the fresh lines this afternoon, but we managed to control ourselves and will wait till Monday. This way we will have a nice chance to measure twice and will kick the week off right with some fun cuts to make.



Cole MeyerhoffComment