Dr. Shrink Strikes Again

We sincerely hope that this is the last post about shrink wrap. It will at least be the last about installing it, but there may be some future admiration and praise for our newly completed, cozy work space.


Luckily we had light enough breeze today to cover the long side of the corn crib that faces the river. We still need to hit the shrink wrap with the heat gun to tighten up the sides, but for now having a total block from the wind is quite delightful. We cleaned out the rest of the space today and got our logs roughly positioned. Tomorrow we will block them up level and transfer lines from the center log. Soon we will have the top view of our garboards cut and then will move on to dubbing out the inside. We are looking forward to seeing how the clear plastic soaks up the morning sun tomorrow; with a toasty work space, the corn crib is our oyster.


Cole MeyerhoffComment