A Pirate Looks at 40 *Degrees

Though the wind whipped around the corn crib with the might of a gale and the bite of ice, we forged on. Our strategically placed plastic from yesterday served us well and we were quite protected throughout the day.


The rigging work in the corn crib as of today has been completed! With the existing space, we were able to shuffle the logs enough to complete the rough shaping of the stem of the center log. We rolled the log on its side to cut the end square with material to spare and then planed down to our line. With the stem established, we set the log back upright, stuck bigfoot on the chainsaw and in two cuts had our top view of the bow.


With the remainder of the day we cleaned up the rest of our patch on the starboard garboard log and were able to put up another piece of plastic. With the space to ourselves tomorrow, we will get the logs oriented properly with enough room to work all around before strapping them together and continuing to cut our top view of the garboards.


Cole MeyerhoffComment