Framing Away

As is customary of fine wooden boat building, we spent the day with two by fours and shrink wrap. With a break from the rain and no more fifty degree days in our foreseeable future we began work on sealing up the sides of the corn crib. We framed in two doors and even with the wind whipping around, we were able to close off the largest portion of the North side of the shed. This alone will do a great deal to protect us from the coldest and most biting of the winter breezes.


Now with most of the rigging equipment and materials out of the shed we can maneuver the logs to a more workable orientation. With heavier wind in the forecast for tomorrow, we likely won’t be able to finish our siding, but we will be (slightly) warmer and working on setting up our logs for the remainder of their rough shaping.



Cole MeyerhoffComment