Back in the Yard

With tryptophan levels decreasing and blood flow returning to normal after days of moving with a mashed potato consistency, the shipyard whirred back to life this morning. Caroline resumed with a patch to the outside of the starboard garboard log. Despite our best efforts and adjustments, due to the curve of the raw outside of the log, we could just barely fit our dimensions onto the log. A small section of log rounded sharply and therefore took away from our gluing surfaces. With a couple of cuts and some scribing onto a fresh piece, we were able to glue and clamp our way back to a complete log.


Next, we finished planing down the forward section of the top of the port garboard log. With that surface brought to the appropriate level, we lofted out the extent of the outside of the hull on the bow of the center log. These steps set us up for roughing out the outside of the center and garboard logs over the rest of the week. Once those lines are cut we will shape out the remaining material on the inside corners of the hull, forward and aft, before shaping the wing logs.


Cole MeyerhoffComment