First Glue to Hit the Canoe

The center log went back onto the sawmill first thing today where we cut the log ends down to our second waterline. The waterlines, spaced six inches apart, serve as reference points and run parallel down the length of our plans. With so much material now removed from the log, it has become fairly flexible and with the rocker, or curve, now cut into the bottom the ends need to be supported. By stretching a string from end to end on a waterline, we can check that the log is in proper position before continuing to work.


After removing the sap wood on top of the log ends, we cut a piece of stronger, more stable wood from leftover stock that had previously been cut out from the middle of this log. After some surface prep, we glued the block onto the top of the stern. The bow section will have to wait until sometime next week as it needs to dry a little further for a stable gluing service.


These blocks are the first pieces of the canoe to be glued together and an exciting stage to be in. Once both pieces are glued on, we will have completed the surfaces for the garboard seams and will be able to scribe our lines onto the corresponding logs.


Cole MeyerhoffComment