Give Thanks for Wooden Boats

Seriously. The whole shipyard does, sometimes even twice a day. Sometimes we curse them when they won’t start shortly after realizing that we may have given thanks too soon, but it’s all part of the process.


Today was all about the bottle jack. Picking up where we left off on Friday, we continued to lift and block from end to end of each log until we had the garboard seams lining up down the length of the canoe. Once we had the logs oriented properly, we worked on finishing out our work space. When the fellas are all back from their holiday travels, we will get to work putting up our plastic siding on the corn crib and with the heater cranking, we’ll be ready to build a boat.


From all of us at the shipyard, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. May you have much food and many laughs.


Cole MeyerhoffComment