A Corn Crib fit for a Canoe

With our center and garboard logs in the corn crib, the fellas began their day by checking the chine line on each log before cutting the tops of the garboards. With the ends squared across the top of each log, we set about rolling the logs together and lining up each of the garboard seams.


Once we had the three logs sitting alongside each other, Caroline looked more like a boat than ever. Each of the logs will still lose a lot of material in order to develop the hull, but that will wait until we establish the extent of the chine at the bow and stern. The afternoon was then a series of lifting and blocking to orient the logs correctly with each other. Again, we needed to strike our water line on the side of the center log to check that it was sitting properly. With that established, we brought up the ends of each garboard to match the center log’s chine.


On Monday we will finish some remaining blocking to make the garboard seams match up throughout the middle of each log where they have the ability to flex. After that, it is on to shaping the top view of the hull before bringing in the wings.


Cole MeyerhoffComment